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Description of Services


Key Benefits

• Analysis of Information Systems
• Opportunities Analysis
• New Ventures

Analysis of Information Systems

NWC offers a complete analysis of your information systems. We offer review of current systems strengths and weaknesses. You will receive a report outlining key points of failure, what systems should be upgrades, which systems fit the companies needs.

Opportunities Analysis

NWC can offer solutions to make best use of your existing Information Systems. This can include: repair of existing systems expanding existing infrastructure planning for migrations implementing new systems

New Ventures

NWC can recommend new markets that mesh with your current mission statement. This may include automated direct marketing, e-commerce solutions, and other opportunities.
Making the business work together.

New World Computers, Inc. provides professional Networking projects

Networks/Software Development/Computer Security


Key Benefits

• Experience in project management
• Experience in information systems

Experience in Project Management

NWC believes in the discipline good planning can bring to any project. It is important for everyone involved to have a clear definition of the project objective and budget.

Experience in Information Systems

NWC has been in the information systems business for over 5 years. We know many of the opportunities and problem areas in most information systems projects.

Key Benefits

• 7 by 24 Support
• Knowledge
• Commitment

7 by 24 Support

Your problems are quickly addressed and resolved.


NWC has vast industry experience on may different hardware and software platforms.


NWC puts the customer first. We offer quality solutions We will not stop till a solution that works for the customer is reached.

“Always tomorrow’s technology today!”

Key Benefits

• LAN/WAN Services
• Server Services
• Desktop Services

LAN/WAN Services

Full design and implementation of local office, regional, national, and international networks.

Server Services

Full design and implementation of heterogynous network
environments. Specializing in Novell and Microsoft file, print, and application servers.

Desktop Services
Full design and implementation of applications and desktop OS.

Key Benefits
• Integration
• Development


NWC specializes integrating hardware and software to provide a total solution to the customer


NWC provides programming expertise to integrate your applications into one heterogynous solution. We also customize applications to better fit the needs of the customer.
Infrastructure Support Services


Applications Services

Designing, Developing and Implementing Custom Business Applications

The real test of a good information technology firm is how they apply their technical expertise and business experience to your specific needs to create reliable solutions that keep pace with both your short and long term business goals.

You need and want a company that will design and develop the right system for your organization within your budget while keeping pace with your internal resources and current technology investments.

We can help when you want a user friendly solution to your specific business need. We provide software selection and custom application services or a combination of the two to provide complete solutions.

Our skilled resources stay abreast of the latest and greatest technologies, chasing technology for our client's benefit and implementing solutions that work within your unique situation and internal business constraints. Our staff arm themselves with the tools and experience to be your total solution provider and sole system integration resource.

• Decrease Liability

• Review present policies and recommend enhancements

• Increase employee productivity indirectly by allowing employees to know that policies will be enforced

• Gives a better insight to possible employee problems and allows for intervention at early stages of an employees tenure with the employer.


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