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:: ABOUT US ::

New World Computers, Inc. (NWC) a diverse consulting and technical support firm, has provided communications and information management services to businesses and non-profit organizations since 1997. Based in Atlanta Georgia, we currently provide services with more than 60 professional and support personnel including technical communicators, work-flow consultants, database specialists, hardware technicians, and engineers.


  About Us

The Computer Systems Group

The Computer Systems Group offers a full range of services including consulting, telephony, software development, imaging/optical storage, and network design/maintenance to companies who want to get the most out of their computer investment. The Computer Systems Group meets your needs for tomorrow’s hardware, software, and networking today.

Mission Statement

At New World Computers, Inc., our mission is to help our clients acquire, interpret, communicate, and manage information in the most efficient and profitable manner to the mutual benefit of our clients, our employees, and the company.

Vision Statement

New World computer, Inc. is a leading information management company that brings out the best in the best people. We succeed as a team. We focus on clear communication among ourselves and with our clients. We produce extraordinary products and services that dazzle our customers and amaze ourselves.


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